Everyone has a story – a story of who we are and why we’re here – a story that defines us.

Lifestory is a five-week, informal, discussion-orientated course, for those wanting to explore their own story and discover how Jesus’ story, revealed in the Bible, connects with theirs.

So, in Lifestory we’ll be asking some of the big questions that shape and define our lives:

-Who am I and what am I living for?
-Who’s in control here?
-Is there a God and does he care?

Christians believe that the answers to these questions – and many more – are found in the person, Jesus Christ.

And the best way of getting to know him, is to read the story of his radical and extraordinary life from the primary source.

Lifestory is run by ordinary Christian people, local to you, and it’s completely free. You don’t need to know anything about the Bible,
and you won’t be asked to pray or sing. You can ask any question, or you can just sit and listen. Whatever you believe, you’re welcome.

The course will run on Monday nights throughout November, 7.30 – 9pm at Surrey Chapel, beginning with a taster session
on Monday 1st November.

Sign up below if you’d like to join in.If you’re interested in the course but can’t make Monday nights, let us know and we'll offer it at a more convenient time.

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