Sunday Services

Today is : Thursday 24 October, 2019

Sunday 20 October

  • 10.15
    Morning Worship led by Pastor Gary Ryan
    Speaker: Pastor Andy Rees
    Looking for a Leader: 'The God Who Speaks'
    1 Sam 3:1-4:1a
  • 6.15
    Evening Worship and Communion led by Pastor Andy Rees.
    Speaker: Pastor Gary Ryan
    'Double-Souled? Wisdom' James 3:13-18
    Communion will be served by members of the Stewards and Welcome Team
  • 615 Pods

Sunday 27 October

  • 10.15
    Morning Worship and Communion led by James Stubbs
    Speaker: Barny Pearce
    Looking for a Leader: 'Defeat and Disgrace'
    1 Sam 4
  • 6.15
    Evening Worship led by Gill Blake
    Speaker: Kieran Sprouse
    'Double-Souled? Submitting to God' James 4:1-12