James – Double Souled

There is a real danger in the Christian life of two timing God. Am I really going all out trusting him or
am I going to go half with him and half with the world. James is writing to a church dispersed in the
world and has a real concern they are going lukewarm. Everything on the outside may look alright,
but when you dig down souls are corroding in a deathly fashion. He wants to challenge the church
and us to know the God who calls us to follow him is generous to us in Jesus and has an
astonishing plan. Will we trust him and go all in or will we be double-souled?

Sundays @ 6:15

8th September Double-Souled? Tested James 1:1-8 Andy Rees
15th September Double-Souled? Steadfast James 1:9-17 Andy Rees
22nd September Double-Souled? Obedient James 1:18-27 Gary Ryan
29th September Double-Souled? Love James 2:1-13 Gary Ryan
6th October Double-Souled? Work James 2:14-26 Gary Ryan
13th October Double-Souled? Speak James 3:1-12 Gary Ryan
20th October Double-Souled? Wisdom James 3:13-18 Gary Ryan
27th October Double-Souled? Submitting to God James 4:1-12 Kieran Sprouse
3rd November Double-Souled? Humbled James 4:11-5:6 Sam Ely
10th November Double-Souled? Patient James 5:7-12 Philip McDonald
17th November Double-Souled? Prayer James 5:13-20 Reg Morrish